• Your sales people visiting new clients - explains why client should buy from you
  • Trade shows
  • Showroom
  • Bidding process - introducing your company and certifications
  • Branch, showroom or location opening
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Sourcing -meeting with new potential vendors and suppliers
  • Emailing your flipbook to your clients


  • Hiring process to attract new talent
  • Introducing new management or key employees
  • Honoring your long time employees
  • Exporting and importing (multi-lingual publication)
  • Expanding to new markets
  • Negotiating mergers or acquisitions
  • Investor relations or plans to sell the business
  • Use as extended Line card
  • Celebrate a specific project
COLLATERAL MATERIAL for wholesaler distributors, manufacturers, exporters, waste management, hotel and restaurant service companies, associations and buyer groups.
MULTILINGUAL BROCHURES for exporters and importers.
TRADE SHOW BROCHURES, CDíS AND MEMORY STICKS for wholesale distributors and manufacturers.
SUPERMARKETSí AND RETAILERSí customer magazines.
LINE CARDS for distributors and manufacturers.
CATALOGS for wholesaler distributors, manufacturers, exporters, importers, associations and buyer groups.
PROJECT SPECIFIC FEATURES for airports, ports, and other large infrastructure projects.